Pipeline Services

The X-IT crawlers owned and operated by Tulsa Gamma Ray, Inc. deliver reliable, consistent performance whether they’re being put to work onshore or offshore. Battery powered models have the capability to crawl through one mile of pipe and x-ray 140 welds before recharging. A battery change can be made in a matter of seconds with their quick-disconnect battery packs.

On particular models, a four-cycle generator can be substituted for batteries, increasing the crawler's travel capabilities. All our crawlers utilize starwheels as the primary method of weld detection. However, other methods are available. After a weld is detected, a specially designed electronic distance measuring system accurately stops the crawler and positions the x-ray beam to within 1/8” of the center of the weld. This positioning accuracy can be achieved in any terrain. The crawler can also be controlled externally and commanded to stop or reverse directions using a low energy radioactive source.

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